Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Chewey Is Out Of Surgery

Chewey is out of surgery and in recovery with his human bu his side.

A hysterical little boy ran to way to close to bedtime to report that Chewey had lost an eye.  And, I am not exaggerating when I say hysterical.  These two are inseparable even at age 6--and any injury or potential harm to Chewey is a BIG DEAL.

Mommy put Thomas in the "waiting room" and went back for surgery. Daddy gave him his stuffed bear from when he was little to keep him company while he waited.

It didn't take long and he was once again reunited.

It was a "close call," but Chewey has had several of those over his lifetime, and each time Doctor Mommy has been able to fix him all up!

1 comment:

Shipley Mommy said...

Cheryl Fletcher Shipley Is that Nutch I see there?

Barbara Miller Shipley Yes, daddy gave Thomas Nutch to hold while Chewey was in surgery--T was pretty upset. Nutch did a good job keeping him calm.

Cheryl Fletcher Shipley Glad Nutch is still loved and happy Chewy is recovering.

Sharon Fletcher Bowers Oh my, I haven't seen Nutch in such a long time. He's aged well :). Get well wishes to Chewey!!

Ruth Hughes Hoffman Glad to know that Chewey and his best bud are both doing well. Eye surgery, broken leg. . .It all gets better before you know it!

Lisa Tardy Oh my what happened to Chewey? Mrs Tappers class wouldn't be the same without him .

Barbara Miller Shipley He's okay now. His eye came off, but some super glue and Dr. Mommy's steady hand and he's as good as new. :)