Friday, November 20, 2015

Friday Night No Siblings Night

It was a super great night for Gracie, and a pretty nice night for Thomas.

Gracie had been invited by 4th & 5th grade best friend Clara (who now goes to a different middle school than Gracie :( To go with her and her mom to the local production of the Sound of Music. 

Well, when Gracie found out about a girls night, she was over the moon.  I made sure to take my camera out when these two girls saw each other for the first time in many, many months.

They have been talking about middle school life and consoling each other since September via the phone, but their in-person reunion was priceless!

So, while the girls were out having a fun Friday night, Thomas got a night all to himself--and without a sister to harsh his mello.

Daddy ordered Thomas' favorite: Taco Bell and we watched a movie and played his new favorite game Muppet Yatzee.

Now, Gracie was up until after 10 as the production was a long one, but Thomas was only up sightly later than his weekend bedtime.

We need to plan more nights like this. Of course with a new sibling coming, it will be even harder for one-on-one parent time.

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