Wednesday, November 04, 2015

Mommy Fails

I am having a LOT of those lately!

In the past few months I have forgotten:

permission forms, field trip money, to make dinner, to thaw meat for dinner, library (school) books, homework folders, Thursday folders and so much much more.

So, you would think that when Thomas' teacher called me from her cell phone this morning to tell me I had forgotten Thomas' snack that I would have rolled with it.

Nope, each time I fail my children it hits me hard. And that feeling doesn't dissipate.

Garren says that my "pregnancy brain" was this bad or worse with the last two, but right now it feels so amazingly out of control.  Me not finding my keys, or forgetting to actually push the button to start the dryer is one thing, but letting my kids down is excruciating to me.

I think all moms experience "mommy guilt" regardless of how many kids they have, but mine is really raw right now.

I rushed into the shower and hurried a baggie of Cheese-Its over to my 1st grader.  And, no, the teacher would not have called me over a snack, except she said he was on the boarder of tears.

The crisis was resolved and he got his snack and an extra hug from mom.  And, besides the fact that he wanted me to stay with him at school today, I left him (and Chewey) with smiles.

Parenthood is hard, motherhood is really hard, and mommy failures are excruciating on a mommy heart....and unfortunately, a part of life.

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