Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Thanksgiving Not-A-Party

Because baby brother already put his mark on this day, I couldn't be with big brother at school for his"not a party" for Thanksgiving.

Thanks to new food regulations this year, parties and celebrations have to be reinvented. 

I didn't volunteer to be a room mom for the first time EVER this year, as I knew it wasn't fair to commit with a baby on the way.  But, one of the room moms was my co-room mom last year and knew how much I was missing it, so she invited me to come and do a craft.

Well, my OB wouldn't budge on cancelling my appointment and I couldn't move it.

I was thankful that the same room mom took a picture of my handsome and texted it to me. Not the same as being there--but it was a nice surprise.

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