Thursday, December 17, 2015

27 Hours Later

Barbara Miller Shipley's photo.

Tobias and I want to wish you a happy Thursday and let you know we are now reading through all your emails, texts and Facebook posts as we rest (mostly) comfortably. This mama had a really rough day yesterday and wasn't able to really function at all for the past almost 24 hours--but I'm making up for lost time today and stealing all the snuggles I didn't get yesterday! I have tons of pictures that others snapped for me and I'm excited to share and see for myself soon. In the meantime our 9+ pound chunk is an angel and the most easy going baby at age 27 hours. His big sister is beyond in love, and his big brother is loving him from a safe (and clean) distance until they are better acquainted. Thank you all for your prayers, thoughts, well wishes and love. 

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Shipley Mommy said...

Misty Woody Kinzer awwwww he's so precious!! I could cuddle with him all day. Congrats!! So happy for you and your family.

Courtney Martin Jackson Oh my gracious that face is precious!! Enjoy each moment

Laura Woodroof Lane Im so glad Gracie likes him! He's a cutie! Hope you are feeling well

Shannon Crews McFerrin Oh Barb he is Presh!!! XO!!

Jeanette Jones Tyree So sweet!

Sharon Osborn I am so glad to hear that Gracie is in love with him....I knew she would come around smile emoticon

Nancy D'Alema So beautiful!!! Congratulations mama!!

Cheryl Fletcher Shipley Welcome to the world precious Tobias! You are loved beyond words! Glad you and mommy are doing well today.

Mallory Rene' Mozingo heart emoticon heart emoticon heart emoticon!!!

Kelly Caddell Congratulations!!

Stephanie Larson Cover Perfection!! heart emoticon Congratulations!! And welcome to the world Tobias! Love his name!

Barbara Miller Shipley Now we have a Tabitha, a Thomas and a Tobias. All of whom go by their middle names like daddy. smile emoticon

Cindy Ngo So glad to hear Gracie loves him. Congrats to the family!

Logan Hoffman Congrats!

Heather Shipley Walsh He is just beautiful!! I'm so happy for all of you! And very glad you're feeling a little better today. Good job, momma. Now enjoy ❤️❤️

Kelly Wood Reichard So precious! Congratulations smile emoticon

Tabitha Abbott Congratulations!

Jo Kelchner ❤️

Katja Cuber Congratulations!

Annie Smith Congrats!

Rebecca Berry Whitaker Congratulations, Barbara Miller Shipley and family! Little Tobias is a beautiful baby!

Amanda Adams Congratulations!!

Heather Woody Snead Glad Gracie came around so quick!!! ❤️ what a sweet, adorable boy you have. Can't wait to meet him. Congrats!

Kay Evans Beautiful baby!!! Congratulations!

Jeanne Mason Behne He is adoreable!!

Michelle Smith Aww I'm so Glad that Gracie loves her new brother .. when r u guys going home Barbara Miller Shipley?

Barbara Miller Shipley Doctor is thinking about keeping me until Saturday unsure emoticon

Michelle Smith Oh goodness!!

Linda Wiley Collins He's precious!!

George F. Hoffman So sweet!

Candice GeFellers I want to squeeze him!!!! I'm so glad Gracie is loving him!

Holly Peck Those cheeks! 😍 Congrats on the addition!

Sharon Fletcher Bowers Love the name! You all are blessed with three beautiful children!!!! Congratulations!

Jane Woodson What a sweetie, Barbara, and try to take care of you also.

Ameka Reeves Cruz Congratulations! He is precious!

Janice Edmonds Crabill A beautiful gift from our Heavenly Father.

Cathy Troxell Orndorff Congratulations!!!

Sheryl Pifer Oh my goodness!! He is precious!!

AJay Holmes Congrats

Christine Morikawa Congratulations to all of the family on the birth of Tobias. He's gorgeous

Kathy Marcais Congratulations!!!