Sunday, December 06, 2015

2nd Sunday In Advent

We didn't light the candle this week, despite the fact Thomas thought that was our job from now on.

In fact, this Sunday's Advent miracle was that mommy was able to squeeze into some clothes, get all 4 of us to church, and not have a cow about how the rest of the family dressed.

You people know me. And, you know that when I am not enforcing matchy-matchy church outfits, I have a very rigorous dress code.  No, Jesus doesn't care what you wear to church--but mama does!

So, you can imagine my frustration when my family took advantage of the fact mama had to wear dress pants (at 37 weeks pregnant!!!) to church, and those stinkers dressed down!!! Gracie was in pants, daddy was in jeans and tennis shoes.  The chaos! The chaos!

Thankfully my (now favorite) youngest child still lets me dress him.  Thomas the only one who looked like he belonged at church today. Don't get used to it people!!

But, on a more "holy" side of Advent.  This is the song that we are singing each week after the candle is lit.  We sing just the one verse that pertains to that particular candle, and I think it is the neatest thing. 

I typically become a big grouch around Christmas, and this year has been no exception, but I love the beauty and serenity of Sunday mornings and remembering why we are SUPPOSED to celebrate this time of year.

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