Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Baby's First Bath

None of my children have enjoyed their first baths at home, so I wasn't surprised by the screaming that the littlest Shipley dished out as we washed him for the first time. 

While he is a very complacent baby, he does not like being changed for a diaper or his clothes. 

His only complaint (so far) is being laid fun flat--and that is likely because he has terrible gas and it hurts his stomach. 

Poor thing is a projectile puker. We were sure no one would beat Thomas when it came to spitting up. We were wrong. 

But, he's clean and smells good now! 

 **With all the screaming and big brother wanting to "help," pictures of the actual first bath weren't taken Kind of bummed, but it was pretty chaotic so I will have to let this one go. **

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