Wednesday, December 02, 2015

Book Fair

I squeezed in one last volunteer opportunity.

And, no, I shouldn't have offered to help kids and stay on my feet for 3 hours today--but I am going to miss so much this school year, and the weight of the guilt is overwhelming. So, I took this opportunity before I had no choice but to say "no."

Of course, volunteering with Grace makes any day at school better, and I was happy to help.

It was the first day of the fair, so there were tons of kids!  Which also made the day go by fast.

Thomas came to the library about 10 worried that I wouldn't come and get him for his books, so I took a brief time out to make his day.

He was one happy camper when I returned him to Mrs. Tapper's room.

I know this isn't the last thing I will ever do at MES, but I really do enjoy being the mom who is not only able to come in and help during the school day--but who enjoys doing those extra things for her child, their class, and their friends.

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