Friday, December 25, 2015

Christmas Morning At The Shipley House

Have I mentioned I love my camera!

In my exhausted haze I got some amazing shots this morning of all the Christmas excitement.

Usually the Christmas unwrapping is over in less than a half hour, but this year we had more gifts under the tree than EVER. 

Typically things are spread out, and we do Christmas with my family the weekend before Christmas, and we do an early Christmas with Mamaw & Papaw while we are in TN for Thanksgiving. But, thanks to our little almost Christmas baby, mommy couldn't travel (and I just gave birth on the day of Miller family Christmas)--so everyone brought Christmas to us.

Also Christmas Day is typically just the four of us, but this year, Mamaw & Papaw decided to visit and share the holiday with us, so they got to see all the mornings excitement.

**Thomas & Gracie's pajamas were also courtesy of Mamaw & Papaw, they got special ones to wear to bed last night and stay warm in while they played today **

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Candice said...

Looks like an awesome Christmas!