Saturday, December 19, 2015

Grandparent Super Stars

"We needed a substitute teacher, we got a celebrity guest star."

That's how Garren explains the crazy, over-fueled, over-caffeinated, over-sugared, extra loud volume and chaos at our house the past few days.

But, my parents were just that--super stars, as they drove down and took time off to care for the 2 original grandchildren while mommy & daddy brought baby #3 into the world.

I am not exactly sure what happened around here for those past 3 days, but I know I was mocked for my 22 page book of instructions, my list of picture wishes, and my chalkboard outline of daily schedules.

Somehow I figure only half of those rules were followed, and the rest of the time was spent sugaring up my children, but I will take it.  They love their grandma & grandpa with or without sugar, and I love that they stepped in to help without even thinking about it.  That's what family does for each other.

I think there are some other pictures of the week's events out there somewhere on a different camera and I am excited to see them, but in the meantime, I will enjoy these of my parents and my kids.

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