Monday, December 07, 2015

Oh (Sad) Christmas Tree

Oh you poor sad tree--we will love you anyway.


To be fair though, you looked more plump in the bin at Home Depot.

 We hoped that ornaments would fill you out more, and they did--but you are still kind of puny.  No worries, the kids are excited you are here, and will love you no matter what you look like. 

They took great pains to pick out the perfect ornaments and place them in just the right spots to make you look happy and bright.  They even avoided super heavy ones so you wouldn't sag.

You found a good home sad little evergreen. And, you will make our Christmas Merry & Bright.

Gracie was super excited to find this ornament from Mommy's collection this year. She says it is now her favorite because she is in middle school.

 Thomas picked his favorite too, but I am thinking it was just because it was close to him. He loved so many including the cool vintage truck one I scored at a thrift store last year, and Daddy's Jeff Gordon ball ornament.

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Candice said...

That's a happy tree in a happy home!