Thursday, December 24, 2015

Split Christmas Eve

Today was the hardest for me--emotionally--I guess.

Christmas Eve is my favorite part of the entire Christmas season, and I look forward to this day and all the traditions that our little family has.

Christmas Eve services are the most coveted part of my day, and I knew that I wasn't going to get to go and share that moment with my kids and husband.  Baby Tobias is just too little to be a crowded church, despite the special-ness of the evening.

So, I stayed behind with Mamaw who came with Papaw this afternoon for a very quick holiday visit/peek at the new baby; and daddy and Papaw took our two oldest to church for the candlelight service.

I made sure the bigger kids were dressed to the nines for the service, and we still had our traditional Chinese Food meal afterwards.  And, we cheated--but still baked cookies for Santa and set them out.

It wasn't the same, but then again, when you add a new family member to the mix, life isn't going to be the same again anyway.

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