Thursday, December 10, 2015

Warm December Day

We'll move past the unpleasantness that was my child even thinking about getting married, and I'll show you how marvelous the rest of the afternoon was.

What a beautiful afternoon.

I texted Garren later and told him it was exactly what I needed.

I dropped the "baby list."

I paused house cleaning.

I left my worries and plans inside.

And, I went outside and played with my kids.

Of course, it was just Thomas and I until Gracie got off the bus, but we soaked up every minute of warm 70+ degree weather this December 10th day had to offer--and it was bliss.

It was a wonderful reminder to stop, and stop trying to plan every moment.  Life happens and I have to let go and let God (and in particular let other people help).

Thank you Lord for this warm December afternoon, the memories we made, and the opportunity to breathe and remember why I love being a mom.

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