Sunday, January 31, 2016

Happy Birthday Daddy

It was a super busy Sunday, and daddy not only gave blood today, but is fighting off a bad cold. Despite all this we tried had to make sure he knows how much we love him and how special he is to us.

Happy Birthday daddy!

Baby's First Church Service

What a special morning for our family.

Since the weather was supposed to be perfect today-and it was--we decided to take Tobias for his first ever church service.

The sanctuary was beyond packed, and it didn't take long to understand why. 

The children were performing this morning. But crowded pews wasn't a problem for us, but the kids xylophone playing was a slight problem for Tobias. 

Thankfully though that was his only problem. We only had to leave the service once to calm down.

He of course was a hit and he got lots and lots of "ooohs" and "ahhs." Unfortunately some of his biggest fans: Mrs. Jo and Pastor Jay missed seeing him today because of a family emergency.  That's okay, there will be plenty more Sundays to love on him.

Gracie even got her chance to show him off and took him to the front for children's time.

I doubt you are surprised that I took my camera and captured many moments from his morning. 

Like I said, it was a special morning for our family.  And, it felt wonderful to be back in church as a family of 5.

Friday, January 29, 2016

Yes, It Snowed

You all know what a snow ba-hum bug I am, but I did manage to take some pictures from Snowmaggedon 2016.  We got about 14 inches total and the kids got 4 full days out of school and a 2 hour delay today.

As you can imagine, the kids loved every minute of the snow and all the fun they could finally have in it after it stopped falling.  Even baby Tobias got to see what all the fuss was about.

Day 1

Day 2


Day 3



Day 4


Day 5 

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Smart Boy

I am always lauding Gracie on this blog about how well she does in school and how proud we are of her (and we are!!!), but I need you to know just how super smart our boys is too!

I love seeing things like this in his Thursday folder.  This is the first year he really gets any kinds of grades, so it is our first look at his academic accomplishments.

Typically the folder is full of checks and check pluses, but every once in a while we love to gems like this.

So proud of you son!

National HUG Day

It's really a thing...and I really had to take the opportunity to photograph three of those I love to hug the most :)

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Baby FAQ's

***Clarification, when I expressed my disbelief at people who ask super personal questions, it was more about strangers/acquaintances who ask. Best and close friends know what they can ask and how far to pry, that's why you are such good friends to begin with**

I meant to blog the answers to these questions weeks ago, but I barely have time to get a shower, so the answers are now different than they would have been....but for those of you wondering: 

How am I?

I am not exactly sure what people want to hear when they ask that question. I mean, are they wondering if I am hormonal, or in pain, or are they wondering if I am adjusting to sleepless nights or parenting 3 kids? Maybe all of it. Who knows. Maybe they just ask to be nice, but here's the long and short of it after one month.

Well, I am tired, and until last week the healing process seemed to be actually better than it was with Thomas.  If you have never had a C-Section you may not know that the healing takes significantly longer, and the more C's you have, the more scar tissue you have, thus the more pain/discomfort/longer healing time you have. But, I have to say (until I lifted that stupid case of water), I am healing well and it has been a great relief as it was 17 months before I was pain-free after Thomas!

I was (sadly) used to sleep-interrupted nights because our 6.5 year old STILL doesn't sleep through the night! So, honestly, I think I am more adjusted.

As for mothering 3, it is a day-to-day struggle. Not with energy. Okay not JUST with energy--parenting is exhausting. It's more of a struggle to give each child what he/she needs. Time, attention, school help, etc.  Gracie is going through a rough time in her life (it's a tween girl/middle school thing), and Thomas is showing huge signs of jealously and neediness.  So, like any mom I worry I am not doing it well enough, and like all mom's I literally do the best I can each day.

How is the Baby?

Precious. Onry. Gasy.

He's precious, becuause he is a baby, and because he's mine.  He is an onry little stinker because he spends his days 80% asleep 10% crying, screaming, and/or grunting and 10% puking/spitting up/burping.  

While the projectile spit up is so less than fun; it is predictable, and we aren't very worried as he is definitely gaining weight and thriving. We have him on a gentle version of his formula, and we will see what the pediatrician says at his 1 month check up.

Are you breast feeding? 

Why people feel it is okay to ask someone that I will NEVER know. So, here's my answer: my baby is being fed and he has a round tummy to prove it.  The End.

How is he sleeping? 

This question I get. You need a reminder of why you didn't have more--don't you?! ;)

Actually, yes. He sleeps super well at night and only feeds twice a night.  Now, we pay for that during the day. He is so hard to get to sleep/nap.  The problem is he fights sleep. His eyes and brain are always on the hunt and he can not shut it down. He is just like Gracie was as a baby.  So, I have to cuddle him or swaddle him or rock him--any way to hold him tight and keep his eyes from wondering.  If Gracie is a history lesson, we will struggle with this from here on out.  I was still cuddling her to sleep when she was 2 and I took a lot of behind-my-back grief/eye rolling for it, but when you are desperate for your exhausted child to sleep you will do whatever you need to do to get them the rest their little bodies need to survive.

When are you taking him to church? 

Doctors recommend that infants not leave the house for several weeks. So far Tobias has been to Sams once, Walmart twice & Bass Pro Shops once in addition to his pediatrician appointment. ALL of those times he didn't leave the carrier and he was protected by the carrier cover I made to keep people and germs out!!

At church I can't keep that carrier cover closed as they are all going to want to see him, and germs thrive at church (and Walmart and the library!) and it is so cold. So, at this point we don't have a set date, but I would love to be there for the 1st church service of February when we do communion the next time.

How are Gracie & Thomas handling him? 

Gracie LOVES him. She wants to hold him and dress him and feed him and talk to him and kiss him and coddle him--you get the idea.  She really smothers him...with love...and attention....and her presemce ;)

Thomas loves his brother too, he just doesn't like him all the time.  He is gross and messy and Thomas is my neat, clean OCD little boy. So, for right now they tolerate each other. But, Thomas is coming around. He has asked to hold him twice this week, and until he spit up--he was happy to hold him--and then give him back fast. He will talk to him and he finds the binky whenever he is called upon to do so.  They will best friends some day, but for now, they love at a distance.

When are your next appointments? 

Mine is at the end of January, and Tobias will go back this week (If I can get an appointment).

Did he gain his birth weight back? 

At his last appointment he was only 3 days old, and he had only gained an ounce back. But, since he has already outgrown several onsies and pajamas I am think we are long past "birth weight" at this point.

Do you have everything you need? 

So far so good. I am so thankful for the gifts and meal deliveries and visits we have had this month--it has been wonderful to receive the outpouring of love for our family.  We are making it just fine, and I have more clothes in the next size up that I am sure will be put into use in the next few weeks.  I was smart and stockpiled diapers from the time I found out I was pregnant, so we are well stocked and he has more clothes than he knows what to do with!  As he grows I am sure my needs and wants list will grow with him, but for now, we are good!

Are you going to have more? 

Here's another one of those questions that no one has any business asking!  And, yet, I have been asked many times since I brought him home!!  Here's my answer: he is the last child I will have grow inside of me. Garren and I would have welcomed as many children as God saw fit to bless us with, and after more struggle than I will ever share outside of our marriage, we were given three blessings that we could never truly express our love for in words.  My body was just not made for having babies, and after this child, my body has made it quite clear that it can not be put through pregnancy again.  However, I will not say now, or possibly ever, that "Our family is complete." I don't think that is something we get to say. While I have no expectations that we will ever parent more than three children, we put our hands and our family in God's hands, and he will truly have the last word on our family dynamic as well as all things in our lives.

Thank Goodness For A New Week!!

Wow it was a doozy last week!

For starters, what we thought was a cold Friday, ended up with a 102 degree fever and chest cough for Gracie. We got a fast appointment at the pediatrician and found out she has croup!  Croup!!  I thought that was a baby only ailment!  So, she has been barking coughing for 7 days now. her 100+ degree fever finally broke Saturday (after 5 days!!)

Thomas got an actual cold on Wednesday and stayed home from school. And, to be honest, there was no real reason for him to stay home and he eventually confessed that he was jealous and missed mommy. (So, heart stab!)

Well, we were out of formula and a few other things, so I had to drag Thomas (I would have gone solo, but like I said, he talked his way into a "sick day") to the store--where I stupidly thought "hey, we are out of water," and picked up a case of bottled water.  Needless to say seconds after I lifted the case, the pain went soaring through me, and it seemed like an eternity before I could breathe.  Hey, you know when they tell you a long list of things not to do for 6 weeks?  Well, yeah, I have broken almost all of them, but I am guessing that a case of water was the tipping point. I mean who can "not lift anything heavier than the baby" for six weeks while being a mom to 3 and a wife to 1?!  The trash didn't bother me, the laundry baskets up the stairs a few times a day didn't bother me, but the water--oh yea.  Lesson learned.
(No, I have no idea how much damage I did, and no I won't make an appointment--didn't you read how stubborn I am?!! But, the pain is more manageable, and seems to only flare in the evenings after a long day.  So, it's all good).

By Saturday Garren had Thomas' cold, and by Sunday it sounded like the cold has set up shop in Tobias' sinuses.

Add all that to severe lack of sleep, a baby who throws up half the milk he ingests, a jealous 6 year old, and a sulky tween who has been quarantined in her room to protect the baby and you get one very, very exhausting week!

I blog all this for no sympathy--it's life. But, at some point I will look back at this week and remember just how much I can handle all at once.

Sent From Above

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Baby's First Snow Day

It's that time of year again.

Yep, the time when this mama turns into a "Snow Grinch."

I'll save you my tirade and instead share pictures of all three kids enjoying their first snow day of the season.

Unfortunately for them, it's a Sunday, so they are already out of school.

Unfortunately for me, there is a massive storm allegedly coming this weekend.

It was only a dusting, but Thomas and Gracie still wanted to go out in it.  Of course, after 30 minutes in it, it was pretty gone, but they apparently enjoyed it while it lasted.

Meanwhile, their brother was pretty oblivious, but he really enjoyed looking out the window at it, so much so that I had to move his swing in front of the door because he fussed whenever we took him away from the window (yes, I know he can't see the snow, and he was likely reacting to the light, but still, he loved it).

Saturday, January 16, 2016

One Month Already

As a seasoned mom, I know time slows for no man...or woman...or baby.

My handsome littlest boy is one month already.

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Brotherly Love

Look at these precious photos I captured today!

Thomas loves his brother, but he doesn't always like him so much. He finds him adorable, but gross and smelly and messy.  Each day Thomas gets a little more "adventurous" when it come to Tobias. He is actually asking to hold him instead of saying 'I'll just hold his hand." He is a super big brother when it comes to finding and replacing "binky," and quieting him down.

I think eventually these two will be inseparable!

Wednesday, January 06, 2016

3 Weeks Old

No, time stands still for no one...especially mothers.

Happy 3rd week of life our precious Tobias.

We LOVE Visitors!

We didn't go anywhere today--instead some awesome people came to us!

Mrs. Jo texted me earlier today and asked if was okay if she and Rachael came over after preschool today.

Are you kidding? We love to share visits and time and snuggles!

Rachael could have cared less about this little baby, so she and I chatted a bit while Mrs. Jo got in some baby love.

It has been wonderful to share this experience with so many people who love us.

When I had Gracie it was just Garren and I and a new baby. Being hermits who had only lived in the small town for less than a year we didn't know anyone.

And, when Thomas came along, it was just the three of us and our dear neighbors The Mozingos. We really didn't start to get super close to people until after he was born. Thomas gave us no choice but to be "out there." We had made many connections after Gracie started preschool, but as far as people "in our lives," that happened after our little social butterfly entered the scene.

But this go round.  We have been covered in so much love!

Not only did we have a gender reveal party with wonderful friends in attendance, but people visited us at the hospital and called and texted and couldn't wait to meet our new arrival. Last week Grace insisted in bringing us dinner, and yesterday Kelly and her kids came over for a visit and to bring us dinner as well!

I can not tell you how blessed we feel to have other people who care so much about us and our kids and our new baby!  It makes this mama's heart over-flow!