Monday, January 04, 2016

Home Alone

It's interesting how much your forget between kids. You know between newborns. And, it is also interesting what becomes a "success" in your day-to-day life. You know like showers, bathroom breaks, something to eat...going it alone.

Daddy is back to work full time now that the holidays are over, and it was my first day completely solo with Tobias.

I got the kids on the bus, and daddy off to work, I got in another feeding--and then he and I went right back to sleep.

I can't ordinarily go back to sleep after getting the kids up and out of here--not that I try--but in my old age I am getting more and more wise to the concept (and genius!) of "sleep when the baby sleeps."  I used to fight that urge feeling so guilty about letting the housework go, but like I said: older and wiser.  The dishes and laundry will still be there, and there will be more tomorrow, but sleep is at a premium.

We didn't sleep all day, but we never did get out of our jammies.

Thomas was thrilled to see his baby brother at the bus stop to help walk him home.  And, mommy was thrilled to finally see the bus--it is COLD out there! I know I shouldn't complain since it is January, but we have been having unseasonably warm weather, and I got used to it.

So, kids to school, husband to work, lunches packed and sent, middle child collected from bus stop, youngest child still alive.

So, yea us Tobias! We did it!

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