Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Thank Goodness For A New Week!!

Wow it was a doozy last week!

For starters, what we thought was a cold Friday, ended up with a 102 degree fever and chest cough for Gracie. We got a fast appointment at the pediatrician and found out she has croup!  Croup!!  I thought that was a baby only ailment!  So, she has been barking coughing for 7 days now. her 100+ degree fever finally broke Saturday (after 5 days!!)

Thomas got an actual cold on Wednesday and stayed home from school. And, to be honest, there was no real reason for him to stay home and he eventually confessed that he was jealous and missed mommy. (So, heart stab!)

Well, we were out of formula and a few other things, so I had to drag Thomas (I would have gone solo, but like I said, he talked his way into a "sick day") to the store--where I stupidly thought "hey, we are out of water," and picked up a case of bottled water.  Needless to say seconds after I lifted the case, the pain went soaring through me, and it seemed like an eternity before I could breathe.  Hey, you know when they tell you a long list of things not to do for 6 weeks?  Well, yeah, I have broken almost all of them, but I am guessing that a case of water was the tipping point. I mean who can "not lift anything heavier than the baby" for six weeks while being a mom to 3 and a wife to 1?!  The trash didn't bother me, the laundry baskets up the stairs a few times a day didn't bother me, but the water--oh yea.  Lesson learned.
(No, I have no idea how much damage I did, and no I won't make an appointment--didn't you read how stubborn I am?!! But, the pain is more manageable, and seems to only flare in the evenings after a long day.  So, it's all good).

By Saturday Garren had Thomas' cold, and by Sunday it sounded like the cold has set up shop in Tobias' sinuses.

Add all that to severe lack of sleep, a baby who throws up half the milk he ingests, a jealous 6 year old, and a sulky tween who has been quarantined in her room to protect the baby and you get one very, very exhausting week!

I blog all this for no sympathy--it's life. But, at some point I will look back at this week and remember just how much I can handle all at once.

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