Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Birthday Bonanza For Our "Baby" Boy

I can't believe it has been 7 years since I brought this precious boy home to be ours forever.

I know I say something along those lines every year--most mom's do--but there is something about having a baby in the house and growing children at the same time. You literally see how fast time can fly in all of their eyes.

Thomas had a pretty good day today. He let me dress him somewhat nice and fix his hair before school.

He was excited about having lunch with me and asked for one of his favorite things: Subway.

Since I can never do anything small scale, I not only got him a ham & cheese sub, but I popped for a Dt. Mt. Dew and got 4 balloons to decorate the parent table to celebrate him. 

 Excited to see me, he asked permission to invite best friend Bryce to eat with us, and he came back with Bryce and neighbor Cheyenne.

The three of them enjoyed their lunches together and time at the special table.  Tobias seemed to enjoy his time at school as well.

Bryce and Cheyenne had to leave a bit earlier since they are in a different class, so Thomas and I ate our birthday cookies before he had to line up with his class.

Tobias and I were going to stay for a while longer since Thomas had chosen Show & Tell for his incentive this week. And, after he presented his brother to the class (read the next entry for more adorable details!!) he got to pass out favors to his classmates. 

Thanks to a new county-wide policy, food can no longer be brought in under any circumstance--including birthdays.  Every year I bring in a treat for my kids to share with their classmates and have a chance to celebrate. I couldn't let that opportunity pass just because cupcakes are illegal.

I think I came up with a pretty fun idea, and I hope his friends liked their birthday "souvenir."


Thomas was bouncing off the walls all afternoon, and was so excited when we were finally ready for birthday dinner.

Since mommy said no birthday parties this year, we allowed him to ask Bryce to come to dinner with us for his birthday.

Thomas picked CiCi's.  Despite daddy's attempt to talk him into something else, he stuck to his guns. 

Apparently his main reason for wanting to go was their awesome bread sticks. So, imagine my frustration that there were none on the buffet!

I asked one of the employees to add them to the bar, and sat more frustrated as time ticked on and none came out.  But, said employee ended up being the hero when she brought him his own pan of birthday bread sticks to the table!  That made his night! Score one for CiCi's.

Forgetting about the arcade at CiCi's and having no cash we had to disappoint the boys by telling them we wouldn't be playing.

But, no worries, we definitely made up for it by taking them down the road to Bass Pro shop and letting them have a huge handful of quarters (we stopped for cash) and let them go to town in the shooting gallery. 

Sounds simple, but it seemed to be an awesome way to celebrate 7!

And, he will be celebrated even more this weekend when Grandma & Grandpa come in on Saturday. And, while we are saving our gifts and cards for then, he was able to open his gift from best friend Bryce.

I think it was a good day for our sweet boy!

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