Thursday, February 18, 2016

Monster Mutt

Did you notice Thomas' birthday cake?

His newest "obsession," is monster trucks and Monster Jam (thank you Bryce ;)

I can't complain, other boys his age are loving super heroes and gross cartoon characters (that I won't let him watch).

So this year for Christmas, Mamaw & Papaw gave the kids and Garren tickets to Monster Jam here in Richmond.

Thomas went for the first time last year with Bryce, Bryce's dad, and Garren--and he was hooked. He has talked non-stop about the event for 12 months, catches it when its on TV in other cities, and has started a truck collection of his own.

But, Thomas is not the only fan.  His daddy loved the experience too, and those boys have been counting down the days until Monster Jam--which is Friday.

Gracie has caught a few of the events on TV that I recorded for Thomas, and she seems excited too.

And, doing my best to be the cool mom--I promised daddy that I would take the kids to see Monster Mutt after school today live and in a parking lot.  I was also nice enough to tell super mom Grace so she could be extra super too and take her kids ;)

It was FREEZING!! But, the kids didn't care, and they got pictures with the massive dog monster truck, met the driver, got autographed pictures and won prizes with a game.

Pretty eventful afternoon.

Now, I am not sure if he was checking to make sure I was doing my boy-mom duty, or if he really wanted to see Monster Mutt, but daddy pulled in to the parking lot not long after we arrived and I was sure to get his picture taken too.

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