Monday, February 01, 2016

One Month Check Up

Yes, late.

Life with three is wonderful...and exhausting, and quite frankly time is hard to keep up with.

Thankfully the pediatrician didn't give me a hard time about not bringing him in for his 1 month check up until 6 weeks.

Tobias did well for a baby who had to be naked, touched and vaccinated. Of course he was sure to let them know what he thought about all if that when he projectile vomited his milk on their exam room floor.

As we suspected, Tobias' mighty spit up/vomit episodes after nearly every feeding are not yet a problem--well for him anyway. Much like with his big brother, the loss of milk hasn't kept him from growing and thriving.

And boy has he grown! Mama's butterball is a whopping 12.7 pounds!! He also measures 22" long.

Only 1 shot today. Not that it made it hurt any less or be less dramatic. He will get several more at his 2 month check up scheduled for March 1.

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