Thursday, February 04, 2016

Thomas' "Art Work"

Our son proudly brought home a picture he made in art that has guns!!!!!! We know who is responsible for this!Not sure if I'm more unhappy or embarrassed!!!!!

Apparently the top is a scene from the Star Wars movie his daddy took him to see. And the lower picture is of Papaw, Daddy, him & Gracie watching the movie in the theater.


Shipley Mommy said...

Garren Shipley Nice. What are we shooting at?

Barbara Miller Shipley I knew you'd be proud unsure emoticon I told you I wanted ALL girls!!!!!!!!

Garren Shipley The question remains: what are we shooting at?

Garren Shipley That could be star wars. Storm troopers shooting at the Falcon?

Barbara Miller Shipley He tried to explain/make me feel better. Something about star troopers. This is the picture of Papaw, Gracie, him & you watching the Star Wars movie.

Garren Shipley Ask him if it's storm troopers shooting at the Millennium Falcon. If that's right, I'm the best starwars dad ever.

Barbara Miller Shipley The are shooting at the "lenium falcon."

Garren Shipley BINGO! That is AWESOME! Frame that one! Going to the office!

Erin Varnier-Tignor They do look like nerf bullets;)

Barbara Miller Shipley Thank you for trying to make me feel better. unsure emoticon Boys! Argh!

Erin Varnier-Tignor He will be OK, he has great parents;)

Sharon Osborn Boys will create guns out of anything, no matter what you do.

Barbara Miller Shipley This is a part of parenting in pretty sure I will never be okay with unsure emoticon

Sharon Osborn I understand! I would use this type of thing as a moment to reinforce gun safety, what are appropriate reasons to own a gun, etc... Especially as he gets older.

Candice GeFellers As I teacher, I totally agree! Boys create guns out of EVERYTHING!! Food, pencils, erasers, crayons, sticks, anything they can their hands on.

Rebecca Daugherty Kaye My boys are obsessed with guns without daddy's encouragement. unsure emoticon

Barbara Miller Shipley Reason #101 I wanted all girls!!!

Jill Botham Ah...this is only the beginning. wink emoticon

Barbara Miller Shipley Not what I wanted to hear unsure emoticon

Jill Botham You need to embrace it.

Barbara Miller Shipley Apparently frown emoticon

Rebecca Berry Whitaker Little girls with big brothers will also create guns out of anything... sigh.

Josh Bible · Friends with Garren Shipley
I think it is great.

Sheryl Pifer Guns are okay as long as little boys are taught they are for big boys to touch and use!

Michelle Smith Cheyenne has Nerf Rebelle Guns so Girls might not be the answer either ��

Garren Shipley Gracie wants one for her Birthday

Michelle Smith There Awesome! !! We all have them

Tom-Colette Mozingo That's the most beautiful thing I've ever seen! Hard to post this looking through tears.

Barbara Miller Shipley You would be proud too! I'll have to get it reproduced on a coffee mug for you. Clearly he is taking a little too much after his namesake! wink emoticon

Shipley Mommy said...

Jean Miller frown emoticon

Jean Miller What are "they" shooting?

Barbara Miller Shipley Apparently it is a movie thing (Star Wars), and apparently I am in the minority for being appalled by this.

Jean Miller No, you are certainly not the only one!

Andrea Lange Sievewright This is in my not so distant future. He hasn't even seen Star Wars, just growing up learning about hinting and that's what Daddy does. Hopefully he doesn't get kicked out of school!

Suzi Hoff Tapper Oh my...I didn't realize that happened. I don't allow gun talk, fingers or pictures. I'll chat with our Art teacher...she is new

Barbara Miller Shipley And now I have gotten him in trouble. Didn't mean to. I did ask if there were rules about what he could draw and he said "no." I appreciate your attempt at keeping all the students from pretending this stuff (I say attempt, because apparently this is inevitable and I am so not happy about it!)

Suzi Hoff Tapper Oh he isn't in trouble...

Candice GeFellers Bahaha!!! Go Thomas!! 100% boy right there!!! He needs to go and shoot the next time you guys come down!

Barbara Miller Shipley You are my best friend--you are obligated to be in my side! wink emoticon Don't encourage the crazy! wink emoticon

Candice GeFellers Nope!!! I love it!! Boys must be boys! Too many wimps out there these days. Let that boy learn to shoot so he can protect his wife and kids some day.

Isaac Miller Haha yes that is awesome

Jason Whitlock Despite the fact that I am not a huge Star Wars fan, I LOVE THIS. the bond between a boy and his gun is very strong.

Barbara Miller Shipley I was waiting for you to (excitedly) weigh in wink emoticon