Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Thomas' Birthday Show & Tell

Prepare for adorable!!

Thomas picked "Show & Tell" as his incentive this week for school, and decided to take his baby brother in.  And, it was his birthday, so we are talking a big day here!

I didn't have to beg too hard to get Mrs. Tapper to use my camera to get some pictures of the precious moment.

Thomas was "hot stuff" at the head of the classroom as he presented his brother and told a little about him. Of course, the best part for him was the kids got to ask questions and he got to answer.

They asked mostly kid kind of questions like "how old is he?" "Can he talk?"  "Can he crawl." "Do you change his diapers?" etc. 

And, in the end we walked Tobias around the room to so each friend could get a close up look.

This was such a special moment for me as a mom!!  Thomas loves being a big brother so much, and his baby brother adores him!!

***And here's a fun fact. Gracie was her cousin Mariah's Show & Tell while she was in Kindergarten in April 2004! Gracie was just a few weeks old when she was shown off! ***

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