Sunday, March 27, 2016

Happy Easter 2016

Happy Easter from our family to yours!

Not as good as Pottery Barn, but not bad for handmade basket liners!

Baby's first Easter basket!

Children's Time

 Mommy's Handsome!

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Egg Dyeing Tradiation With The Whitlocks

Like I said, I am not letting a new baby keep us from doing all the things we want to do.

Now, that does not mean that Tobias gets the short stick by any means, in fact, like most babies, he remains the center of attention. I am just a more well adjusted mom now that I am mothering number 3--and that leaves me more confident (or less obsessive/stressed) to do more than just sit around all day feeding and changing diapers (like I did for the first two!)

So, the Whitlocks found a way to squeeze us into their busy spring schedule (I lovingly kid, but those people are the busiest, most popular people!) and we left the mess at my house and made memories in the kitchen once again while letting the kids dye Easter eggs.
All kids love dying eggs I think, and I made a ton this year. Each of the four kids got 9 eggs to do their own way.

Thomas sped through his, while the others took more time to make theirs just right.

But in the end all the kids had the mos fun taking our plastic eggs outside and hiding them for each other!  Gracie made it into a game, and hid "spikey balls" (Sweet Gum tree droppings of death) in a few and said whoever found the most special eggs won. Leave it to my kids!

Friday, March 25, 2016

1st Grade Easter Fun

I hate not being the room mom this year! It's the first year since Gracie started school that I haven't been one, and I really miss that special time for special events. But, even with a 3 month baby in tow, I managed to share at least some of Thomas' Spring "Party" with him today!

I never forget how blessed I am to be a stay at home mom and to be availableat a moment's notice, for anything my kids need or want to share with me during their days.

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Tobias, 100 Days Adorable

100 days already?!

100 days of kisses
100 days of hugs
100 days of feedings
100 days of diaper changes
100 days of snuggles
100 days of newborn smell
100 days of learning new things
100 days of "firsts"
100 days of "I love you's"
100 days of sibling love
100 days of holding you close
100 days of forgetting there was life without you in it.

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Tobias Meets The Easter Bunny

Big Brother & Big Sister did it too when they were babies :)

Easter Bunny with Tobias
Glen Allen, VA

 Easter Bunny with Gracie, 2004                       Easter Bunny with Thomas, 2009
Lynchburg, VA                                                 Winchester, VA

National Puppy Day

Did you know this was a thing?!

I love finding fun and odd "days" on the calendar.  I love any reason to celebrate something in life.

So, when I saw all the pictures on Facebook of people and their puppies, we just had to celebrate our favorite pup!

Happy National Puppy Day from us & Chewey!

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Teacher Delivery Night

Both kids have been looking forward to this night for a while.  This is only our second year participating, but there is something very exciting waiting for a teacher to deliver your dinner.

It's a fundraiser for the school, and really inventive I think.  Several teacher's volunteer to be pizza delivery persons at Papa John's for one night, and kids anxiously await to see if they will get the teacher they are hoping for.

Of course Thomas wanted to see Mrs. Tapper or Mrs. Naff, but we didn't get either (didn't last year either), but he was still plenty happy to see that the duo that brought our dinner were two teacher aides that frequent his classroom.  So, it was all good!

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Palm Sunday 2016

Easter is such a beautiful time of year, and as a family we celebrate it fully and the real reason for all it has to offer.

Out of all the Easter season celebrations, Palm Sunday has always been my favorite--as a mom.  There is nothing more pride-provoking than watching your children march in to the church waiving palm branches and singing about the coming of the Lord. It will move you to tears, or near tears each time.  At least it does me.

And, this year was no different, despite the fact that yet again there was only 1 Shipley child parading in among the congregation.

It won't be long before big brother will take the hand of little brother and lead him in the Palm Sunday processional, much like big sister lead her little brother so many years ago.

Palm Sunday 2013. Apparently the first time we let him walk down the isle with a palm branch. I forget how much of a handful he has always been, and I realize, I probably didn't let him go with her until then! He would have just turned 4.

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Two Easter Egg Hunts, One Saturday

What an exhausting Saturday!

The boys and I stayed super busy with not one, but two Easter Egg hunts today.

Why just the boys? Well, Gracie has officially aged out of all church hunts.  We had been going to Bryce's church egg hunts for the past few years since they allow up to age 5th grade.  Now that she is in 6th, she is super bummed, despite the fact that I reminded her she has done egg hunts nearly 11 years in a row until now!

So, first stop: Bryce's Church.  Tobias pretty much slept through the whole thing, but I was able to get a few pictures while he was in the stroller with the cute pair of bunny ears Grace nabbed for him

Typical Thomas with his focus issues didn't get nearly as many eggs as his friends, but he seemed happy with his basket half full.  And, mama was fine with a lot less candy in the house!

After meeting up with Daddy and Gracie who were having a daddy/daughter day at the mall (Gracie's choice!) for lunch.  Mommy and the two T's headed to egg hunt number 2 at our church.

Now, we have skipped our church's egg hunt most year's , as I didn't think it was fair to go to more than one (seemed a little greedy), but with it being Tobias' first egg "hunt," I wanted to share him with the people who know and love him in our congregation.

And, I was NOT disappointed! Tobias' first egg hunt was a picture perfect kind of event. And, by that I mean, there was no real hunting, but tons of perfect picture moments!! 

There was an actual "hunt" for kids 2 and under, and his big brother helped him find 20 eggs (that was the allotment per kid) while mama had fun with photo moments.

When it was his turn, Thomas even more quickly found his 20 egg allotment along with the other 7 & 8 year olds.

The rain had held off all day until Thomas' age group--which was the last group--but, he (nor the others) seemed to mind the sprinkles at all.

It was a great festive day, but this mama is EXHAUSTED! I forgot how much my Thomas is solo, much less adding another little person who needs constant attention at an event!

Friday, March 18, 2016

Star Student Of The Week

 Guess who was the Star Student of the Week today in Mrs. Tapper's 1st grade class?!  My boy!!

We are so proud of our Thomas, and I love that he was celebrated for a full week at school. How fun is that?!

Each day he got to do something special, and this mama couldn't miss out. So, I nicely asked Mrs. Tapper to help me capture those special Thomas moments since I couldn't be there to cheer for him myself.


 On Monday, Thomas was asked to bring and present his completed poster that was sent home with the exciting news on Friday.  He was so eager to fill in all the parts he started on it immediately after school Friday instead of playing!

While I can be so tense when it comes to the kids school projects (they so do them wrong! ;), his came out very colorful and very well done.  I love his answers, and I know it is a lot of pictures, but I wanted to share those answers, so click on the picture to make it larger.



On Tuesday, he got to bring in something for a Show & Tell.  He picked this NFL sticker book that he has so excitedly been adding to since around Christmas. Bryce got one and had been collecting the sticker packs, and I found one at the Dollar Store and asked if it was the same one. Sure enough. So these two have been collecting stickers and sharing duplicates and filling their books for months.(PS: This $1 book has cost me $20+ in sticker packs!!)  He loves his sticker book and gets really intense at finding missing numbers. He immediately thought up his sticker book for today, and Mrs. Tapper texted me the pictures and told me she had to take a picture of the Cowboys page since it is her favorite team. Thomas (like his daddy) is a Titan fan, and of course, we always root for Peyton.

(Yes, he's wearing pajamas. He had chosen that as his money incentive for the week)


 On Wednesday, Thomas got to bring his favorite book.  Until Grandma & Grandpa visited his favorite was a Lego City book, but they gave him a reader book about Monster Trucks, and now that's his favorite.  The picture is not of Mrs. Tapper, but rather Mrs. Booth who helps in his classroom from time to time.  She read the book to the class.


Thursday was probably his favorite day, because that's the day mommy & Tobias came in.  It was have lunch with a parent day, and this awesome "parent" may have snuck Chewey in the diaper bag so he could come too.


Even though Chewey was just there yesterday, today was his day with Thomas--the Star Student! Friday was bring a stuffed friend day and Chewey enjoyed having his day with his best friend.

(Yes, his hair is a mess today!)

This is such a neat way to not only get to know the students, but to celebrate them as well. I love it! And, I thought I would share a comparison of when Gracie was chosen Star Student of the Week when she was in Miss. Orndorff's Kindergarten class back in 2010.