Saturday, March 26, 2016

Egg Dyeing Tradiation With The Whitlocks

Like I said, I am not letting a new baby keep us from doing all the things we want to do.

Now, that does not mean that Tobias gets the short stick by any means, in fact, like most babies, he remains the center of attention. I am just a more well adjusted mom now that I am mothering number 3--and that leaves me more confident (or less obsessive/stressed) to do more than just sit around all day feeding and changing diapers (like I did for the first two!)

So, the Whitlocks found a way to squeeze us into their busy spring schedule (I lovingly kid, but those people are the busiest, most popular people!) and we left the mess at my house and made memories in the kitchen once again while letting the kids dye Easter eggs.
All kids love dying eggs I think, and I made a ton this year. Each of the four kids got 9 eggs to do their own way.

Thomas sped through his, while the others took more time to make theirs just right.

But in the end all the kids had the mos fun taking our plastic eggs outside and hiding them for each other!  Gracie made it into a game, and hid "spikey balls" (Sweet Gum tree droppings of death) in a few and said whoever found the most special eggs won. Leave it to my kids!

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