Tuesday, March 01, 2016

Tobias' 2 Month Check Up

4 shots and an oral vaccine, and we all came out mostly un-traumatized.

I told the doctor, that with the first kid I couldn't stop crying all day. With the 2nd kid, I held in the tears and reminded myself that it was for his own good. With the 3rd child, I just held his mad fists and kissed his cheeks. 

Not that him being "hurt" doesn't affect me, it just affected me differently. Rather than becoming an emotional mess, I could concentrate on soothing him the best I could, and then scooping him up after it was all done and giving him all my love.

Mommy's chunk continues to be just that--a chunk.  70th percentile in weight which was over 14 pounds, 75th in height (23") and 99th in head circumference.

His poor little thighs are sore, but he has been coddled and smooched and held by four people who are broken-hearted over his plight today.

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