Friday, April 29, 2016

Field Day

I may have missed out on yesterday's field trip, but I wasn't about to miss out on field day too!  Despite the fact, that it is my least favorite school event of the year. It is always horribly hot, terribly cold, and today--it was a rainy mess!

Tobias and I hung in there and we watched Thomas and his class go through all the stations. And, if you haven't seen my blog before, let me warn you, this is NOT the field day we were tortured with as kids! It might as well be called "Carnival Day!" They have bouncy houses and snow cones and a DJ for goodness-sakes.

But, the kids love it. And, we parents watch proudly...and take tons of pictures.

My favorite quote of the day: "Mom! I'm going to run the 100 mile dash!"

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Mommy's Sweet Boy

Today after lunch with Thomas, I had to run by the church and do a few things for the clothes closet.  It didn't take long, and as we were leaving the church office we bumped into Pastor Jay.

Well, he had to get as many smiles as he could before I loaded the baby up, and the two "men" had a long conversation.  At one point he looked at him and said "you exhaust your mommy, don't you?"  And to that I replied, without any thinking "not as much as my big brother."

At age 7, Thomas is by far still my biggest handful.  He always has been. Gracie was such an easy child and when Thomas came into our lives full of all things that Thomas is--I had no idea how to handle it all, and I have no doubt I handled a great deal of it the wrong way.

If he's not tripping and falling, he is spilling.

If he didn't break something, he almost did.

If he is awake is is talking, and if he is talking he is asking a million questions.

But, there is so much more to Thomas, and I regret saying that to our pastor. While it is a true statement, I would never want it to give anyone the wrong impression.

My boy may be a bundle of energy and nerves and questions and chatter, and clumsiness--but he also has the biggest heart of any child you will meet. That sweet boy loves like no other. He is beyond loyal, and will carry your burdens with you.  He is so kind and thoughtful. He gives hugs and snuggles and he just wants you to love on him so he can love you back.

People used to stop me all the time in public and tell me how beautiful Gracie was.  Like they actually thought she should be in a magazine or something.  And, with Thomas, people stop me who know him and tell me what a sweet and loving boy he is.  He is always smiling, always positive and always loving.  He has such a big heart and a sensitive soul.  It is something to be protected and nurtured.  My boy is a big responsibility all the time, but keeping him a loving, sweet child of God is an ever big responsibility. One I certainly hope I am up for the challenge of.

I often tell people "he has more personality than body weight." And that is true. He also has me wrapped around his finger.  I was so worried that I couldn't love a second child, and especially not a boy. That boy stole my heart and made it bigger! He also greyed my hair, but that's a consequence I can live with.

Tobias' First Trip To The (School) Library

It actually took quite a while for the kids to load up from their field trip and come back to school today, so Tobias and I had quite a lot of time to kill.

We walked around the school showing off how cute we are to just about anybody. We hung out in the office for a while with the great ladies in there, and then we moved over to the library to wait where it was quieter.

That's when I realized it was technically Tobias' first trip to the library, so I had to get pictures. ;)

Mommy Guilt

Today was Thomas' 1st Grade (and only one for the year) field trip.  And for the first time in 5+ years I wasn't a chaperone.

I know that I don't have to do it all, and that I can't, but I always feel this awful pang of guilt when I have to be on the other side of anything the kids are involved in. 

It happened 7 years ago when Gracie was in Kindergarten and Thomas was a baby, and it is happening again. I know it isn't permanent, and I know that there are moms who miss so much more than I do--but it still hurts, and I still feel guilty.

I do however know some awesome moms at school, and understanding my feelings they were more than happy to snap some pictures of my boy on the trip.

Despite the rain they seemed to have a good time, and Thomas was thrilled that Tobias and I were going to have lunch with him.

I have done this particular field trip when Gracie was in 1st grade, and I knew it was not conducive to a stroller, so I compromised and told Thomas we would come to Meadowview Farm for lunch.

That morning I got a text from his teacher saying that there was too much rain and they would have lunch back in the classroom. So, Tobias and I made a bee line for the school and waited for his bus to arrive.

I love my boy all the time, but I love extra that he didn't make me feel worse for missing the trip. I always hurt for those kids who ask "where's my mom," or "why can't my my mom come?" when there is a special thing at school. I know it must hurt those mama's (and dads) to have to miss out as well.

Of course the fact that I picked up breadsticks and a Mountain Dew from Little Ceasars for his lunch probably made any hurt go right away ;)

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Baby's First Baby Food

Tobias seemed to take (and love) the baby rice cereal so well, that we figured he was ready for more real food.

I actually got excited as I browsed the baby food isle.  Ironic I guess since I am savoring every moment of my last baby that I don't want to grow up.

So many choices now!  It's funny how much things change between kids!

I picked out almost all of the options for Stage 1 babies and put them in the grocery cart. Tobias seemed to grin at the prospect of more food.

Tonight we started him with squash. 

Looks like he likes it!

Back To (Volunteer) Work

Look at me--back to a normal routine!

I had paused my volunteer work at the church the day before I was to give birth.  I found two nice church ladies willing to take over for me until I could come back. I enjoy doing my volunteer work, and it isn't a labor intense job, so I hated to give it up.  And, since Tobias is such a laid back,easy going baby, I figured it wouldn't be too hard to take him with me and do what I can.  And, I was right. He sat patiently for me to do what I needed to all the while watching my every move and grinning.

I'm so glad to be able to return to giving back!

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

I Jump, Therefore I Am

I knew when he was 2 months old and wanted to jump on my lap that this kid was going to be a jumper!

I decided soon after that he need a Jumparoo. Thomas had one and loved it when he was a baby, but like all the other items, I sent it on to another soon-to-be-mom.

After several weeks of searching (do you know pricey those things are in the store?!! Almost $100 and more than $100!!)--I found one on an online yard sale site during a late night feeding. I scored the one I had wanted all along for $25! Can't beat that.

And, he has been bouncing ever since!

First Jump, March 15 (day 91) 

 This is how a jumping session usually ends.  The poor little guy completely jumps himself out cold!


 Thomas love to jump too! August 2009 (6 months old)

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Thomas Changes Tobias

Me: I need to change Tobias

T: I can get his onsie undone.

Me: You can do it Thomas.

T: Change his diaper?!!!

Me: Sure, why not.

T: no way!!!!

Me: Give it a try

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Tobias' Christening

 There are not enough words to describe what a special day this was for our family. 

We invited family and many new friends to share this day with us, unfortunately, like with Thomas' Christening, we apparently picked a bad day for almost all our guests.  But, we were loved on by our church family and Grandma and Grandpa and it was more than enough to make this day unforgettable.

I'll just share the day in pictures, because they are amazing. Nikki has become my go-to photographer for all church events and she does a fantastic job, especially since we keep the flash off so as to not blind Pastor Jay!

And, afterwards, I got her on my side so we could do some Pinterest inspiration too ;)

I spent weeks making all pieces of Tobias' Christening outfit, and days cooking food, and all of the hours were well worth it.  The reception afterwards started off rocky (I couldn't set up), but came out wonderful, like most things in our lives.

We thank everyone who found time to share this day with us and watch as our baby boy was baptized into the Methodist church and the Christian faith, and as we parents took the oath to raise him as God would have us raise him up.