Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Meet My Friends

This is "Andy" my monkey that I love that Mrs. Naff gave me.  Right now he is my favorite toy. Mommy didn't want to name him George because that was already taken by a famous monkey. And she thought about "Chandler" and "Scott" after the boys in Mrs. Naff's family, but figured they would be too hard to pronounce, so she went with "Andy," because she loves Andy Griffith.  That's as good of a name as any.

"BunBun" is in the middle. Thomas named him for me.  He was a toy found a the bottom of Mamaw's toy box and sent back when Thomas was little.  Now, I like to chew on his soft washcloth-like ears.

My last favorite friend is "Elliott." Elliott is my elephant rattle ring I got for Easter.  Mommy named him too, because she is very good at naming things and Elliott sounded good with elephant.  Elliott rattles and has teether-ears and rings that I can hold on to or clang together. Elliott makes me happy when my gums hurt.

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