Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Hot Enough For Water

I caved!

When Thomas asked if we could get out the kiddie pool I had no reason to refuse. Even exhausted and hot myself as I cared for a baby--I strapped that baby in a bouncer and pulled out and cleaned the blue plastic water holder (that has survived several years now) and filled 'er up!

Cheyenne was more than happy to join in the fun, and then they (she and Thomas) excitedly soaked Gracie as she got off the middle school bus an hour later.

The kids soaked themselves and had a grand time.

It was super hot and I couldn't keep Tobias out the entire time. He LOVES the water, and was very upset that he couldn't get in too, so he was fighting me to get down and the kids were a little wild with the water--so we came out from time to time to check on them and went back in.

Monday, May 30, 2016

Memorial Day Weekend

It was a rainy, nasty weekend and I am sorry to say we didn't accomplish much. We did explain to the children what this weekend was about and it's true meaning, and I took some cute pictures of them as I dressed them in red,white & blue--but other than that it was too dreary to do much else. So, we took a much needed "rest weekend!" 

Sunday, May 29, 2016

My Boy Can Read!

Well, of course he can read he is in 1st grade--but this boy--can really, really read.

I knew he had come a long way in his reading ability since Kindergarten, but it wasn't until I heard him keeping up congregational responses in church that I noticed just how much!

It is easier to be wowed as they bring home harder and harder books for homework reading practice, but hearing him stay with other voices and reading very big and adult words was a very proud moment.

So proud, I pulled out the camera on the phone. I know, I know. But I was already wrestling the active baby (this was pre-nursery) and I was so happy. And, I managed to still keep reading aloud along as well--so no harm done.

Baby's First Stay In The Church Nursery

I put my baby in the nursery.

I had to.

Tobias is getting more and more active, and more and more loud and disruptive. We aren't the kind of people who let our children inhibit the enjoyment of others. Especially in times of reverence and quiet.

So, after a loud happy shriek during the beginning of Pastor Jay's sermon I walked him down. I filled out the paperwork (since this was our first time), and he went smiling to one of the three sweet ladies ready to care for him.

I kept thinking this was my first baby to leave in the nursery, and then I remembered that I left Thomas a handful of times in Strasburg.  Most of the time Ruth and I took turns holding that little rascal, but as he got older (not long before we moved) he was really getting to be a handful and a distraction in church so I caved and took him back.  Usually I stayed in there with him though. I don't think I left him alone until Bible School that year.  And, that's another reason I needed to take Tobias. I agreed to lead a Bible School class this year (I got 1st graders!) and Tobias will have to hang in the nursery all week. He needs to get used that space--and time without mommy.

When I picked him up he was plenty happy. He is such a happy baby anyway, but he was chewing away on a new toy and being held. All was right with his world. And, while he didn't freak out when he saw me and was happy to stay where he was--he did get the biggest
grin on his face when he saw his mama had come back.

 Thomas in the nursery at Bible School, July 2010

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Mommy Looses

Why yes those are water GUNS. And, why yes, mama said NO TOY GUNS. And, why yes, their daddy went and bought them.

And, yes, they are having a blast.

And, yes, he bought one for "Tobias" too.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Finding His Toes

Baby found his toes!

Well, technically he did it yesterday, but my day was swamped and while I did capture a picture, it was on my phone and not very good. So, what does an over-the-top mama do? Plan a photo shoot for the next day of course!

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

The Star Tomato

Thomas has been so excited! His first grade "play" was today, and he got to perform not once, but twice--and this mama cheered him on both times.

I must say he was by far the cutest tomato in the bunch.

He and his classmates were veggies, while the other classes were flowers, scarecrows, more veggies & weeds.

It was super cute, and my baby even had a line to say.

 I'm kind of an extra proud mama today. I mean I am always proud, but I live for moments like this.

How Old Are You?

I was editing pictures today.... and I am one of those people that once I start something I will finish it (or die trying). So, to make my life harder, I keep track of Tobias pictures by labeling them with how many days old he is.

So, I was editing pictures while the kids played in the playroom behind me and I said "Tobias, you are 161 days old today. Well, then Thomas wanted to know how many days he was, and I had to admit that I was a bad parent and did not keep track of each day for all of his 7 years.

So...I found a website to do it for me. Well, that got the kids curious and excited.  So, here is how old we ALL are! :)

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Quick Trip To Grandmas

"Quick" is an understatement. But so is "trip."

The kids and I loaded up and headed to Grandma's Friday after school.  Then we got up at the crack of dawn Saturday and drove to Danville for our neice (cousin) Sue Anna's high school graduation, and then we drove back to Lynchburg that afternoon.  And, then, finally back to Mechanicsville on Sunday.

If you know me, you know I HATE being in the car.  So, this weekend was no picnic.  But, the kids always have a blast with any amount of time they get to spend with their grandparents and vice versa.  So, I'll just share some pics and keep my travel whines to myself.

 Did I mention nephew Isaac was home for leave after 18 months away (mostly in Japan)?!!  He got to meet Tobias and see Thomas and Gracie while he was in, and I am incredibly grateful for that!

Monday, May 16, 2016

5 Months And Reaching

What a way to celebrate hitting 5 months!  My baby reached for me!! 

 Try and try as I might I couldn't get a picture of him reaching for me, since he is stunned into silence most of the time when the camera or phone come out. So, I got crafty. Watch him reach for his stuffed giraffe the kids named "Sunny."

Hey, he is probably my last baby (I have learned that God finds it funny when WE decide things about our life), and I am cherishing--and recording--every minute!

**Above: another Pinterest idea attempt. I don't think i "failed it," but I think those babies are WAY smaller than my chunk! ;) ***

Reggie Is A Big Brother!

Alistair and Bernice Bird are proud to announce a daughter

Priscilla K.
hatched May 16, 2016

Proud parents and big brother Reginald will accept friends, family & worms until 6pm.

Sunday, May 15, 2016



Reginald P. Bird

born recently to 
Alistair and Bernice Bird.  

They currently reside in the purple tree in our backyard.

We extend our sincerest congratulations on their newest addition.

Friday, May 13, 2016

150 Days Of Tobias

He is 150 days old today!  Seems like kind of a big deal ;)

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Thomas' New Watch

It's so funny the things that draw the most attention from our children.

I had a free Khol's $10 certificate that came in the mail and I was able to get some child-free time last night to shop.

With everything I picked out I still had $2 left, and there was a $5 clearance section of kids watches. I thought it might be nice for Thomas to have one. They would be too small for Gracie. So I grabbed one.

He has been so excited ever since he got it out of the package.

This boy is read to be on time!

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

4 Month Check Up

Well, a week later than originally scheduled, and 2+ weeks later than it should have been in the first place--but he has been weighed, measured and found lovable.

This doctor was loving all his smiles and cheery disposition.

Our chunk weighed in at almost 19 pounds, which remains in the 90th percentile for his age. His height was 26 inches (60th percentile), and his head (like all the other Shipley children was nearly off the charts in the 99th percentile).

He is a bouncy healthy baby boy and he looks good. We do have a follow up for a "boy problem," but there is nothing to be concerned about at this time.

Tobias received 4 shots and an oral vaccine, after which he showed that he *can* cry, and then he passed out for the ride home.

He may be a chunk that is far too quickly growing up and outgrowing clothes, but this mama loves every ounce!