Sunday, May 29, 2016

Baby's First Stay In The Church Nursery

I put my baby in the nursery.

I had to.

Tobias is getting more and more active, and more and more loud and disruptive. We aren't the kind of people who let our children inhibit the enjoyment of others. Especially in times of reverence and quiet.

So, after a loud happy shriek during the beginning of Pastor Jay's sermon I walked him down. I filled out the paperwork (since this was our first time), and he went smiling to one of the three sweet ladies ready to care for him.

I kept thinking this was my first baby to leave in the nursery, and then I remembered that I left Thomas a handful of times in Strasburg.  Most of the time Ruth and I took turns holding that little rascal, but as he got older (not long before we moved) he was really getting to be a handful and a distraction in church so I caved and took him back.  Usually I stayed in there with him though. I don't think I left him alone until Bible School that year.  And, that's another reason I needed to take Tobias. I agreed to lead a Bible School class this year (I got 1st graders!) and Tobias will have to hang in the nursery all week. He needs to get used that space--and time without mommy.

When I picked him up he was plenty happy. He is such a happy baby anyway, but he was chewing away on a new toy and being held. All was right with his world. And, while he didn't freak out when he saw me and was happy to stay where he was--he did get the biggest
grin on his face when he saw his mama had come back.

 Thomas in the nursery at Bible School, July 2010

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