Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Hot Enough For Water

I caved!

When Thomas asked if we could get out the kiddie pool I had no reason to refuse. Even exhausted and hot myself as I cared for a baby--I strapped that baby in a bouncer and pulled out and cleaned the blue plastic water holder (that has survived several years now) and filled 'er up!

Cheyenne was more than happy to join in the fun, and then they (she and Thomas) excitedly soaked Gracie as she got off the middle school bus an hour later.

The kids soaked themselves and had a grand time.

It was super hot and I couldn't keep Tobias out the entire time. He LOVES the water, and was very upset that he couldn't get in too, so he was fighting me to get down and the kids were a little wild with the water--so we came out from time to time to check on them and went back in.

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