Sunday, May 01, 2016

We Are The Church

This is a first for this family, and I think for our church, but it was met with great excitement and great success!

Today, instead of having regular church services all the members of our church gathered in the gym in work clothes at 9am to worship, take communion and then head out into the community to do projects.

The kids and Garren chose to do gardening at MES. The kids wanted that job because it was their school.

Unfortunately a baby + rain meant that mommy stayed home, but the three other able Shipley's headed out excited.

I wasn't there to experience the worship service, but Garren said it was so impressive and he figures at least 500.  So many that they ran out of Communion Bread!  I'll have to look it up one of these days to see how many are members of our church. I know there are 3 services and the 9:30 contemporary one is filled to the gills. Our 11am (old person) service is typically sparse for the amount of pews that we have, but I would say close to 100 each Sunday.

Back to the work.

I did get to see what the kids and daddy were doing because he called me about 30 minutes in and told me Thomas was really miserable. He was freezing and wet, and by the time I got him he had a bad headache. So, I bundled the baby and grabbed the camera and took a few snapshots before I took Thomas home and stuck him in the shower.

Now, after I left, Garren, Gracie and the rest of the team (there were 25 projects to choose from and the congregation was divided in each) finished up the gardening and then went over to Washington Henry Elementary school to work there as they didn't have a great deal of volunteers.

By the time those two came home they were muddy, wet, tired--but feeling very accomplished.

What a neat idea--being the church instead of just sitting inside it--at least for one Sunday morning.

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