Friday, June 24, 2016

Bible School At Bryce's Church

It's Thomas' 4th year crashing Bryce's church's Vacation Bible School. Good thing they don't mind.  And while he (as always) had a great time, I have to gear this post to more about Gracie.

MY Gracie offered to help at MCC's VBS since she had already signed up to help next week at our church's VBS (6th graders and up are no longer in classes, but considered youth and helpers).  I offered her services to Kelly, and when she replied that their youth group does their own activities each day of VBS---MY Gracie not only got excited, but was ready for me to sign her up.
Monday Night: Bowling
 MY Gracie was willing to spend a week with people she didn't know, and had never met and spend 3 hours a night with them, most of the time away from the church!

Tuesday Night: Swimming

MY Gracie, was not only excited to go, but had a blast each night and was excited to return.

Wednesday Night: Service Project         Thursday Night (not shown): Movie

Sure enough--she had NO recognizable faces or names, and none of them went to her school and they were ALL members of MCC.

Yes, I was floored. I had to manage my response so I didn't deter her from trying new things and pushing out of her very tight comfort zone.  I couldn't have been more proud--or shocked. But in the end, she had a fantastic week and experience!

 Most of my pictures are from the finale tonight. Our "ham" Thomas was his typical over the top self on stage as he sang his song.  And, Daddy joined us!  While Gracie had a great week, the youth don't take part in the last day, so she just ate and watched her brother ham it up.  Although, she did stand in line for the ice cream truck--an annual tradition at the end of VBS.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Attempting To Create Summer Order

Want to take bets on how long it lasts?! :)

First Night In A Crib

Guess what that mean mama and daddy did to me last night! They put me in a big 'o crib all by my lonesome! So what if I was too asleep to notice! I still feel the injustice!

My friend Grace lent me the bassinet along with several other baby items since I shipped all of my old baby stuff to Tennessee.

Well, her sister-in-law needed it for a few nights and Grace knew I had mentioned my chunk has outgrown just about everything she gave me including the baby wear carrier, bouncy seat, floor gym & baby swing.

As for the bassinet--his feet are touching the ends!  So, no better time to move him up to the big bed.

The kids and I worked Sunday to get the pieces out of the attic, and Garren and Thomas put it together. I had been given that beautiful bedding set (still in packaging!!), so I washed the items and it was ready to go last night. 

Like I said, he never even noticed. But, he was kind enough to cheese for some [pictures of the big occasion for me this morning.


Monday, June 20, 2016

Baby's First Cold

Tobias' perfectly themed attire was photographed a day late. Not only dud we turn a half-year old this week, but we got our first cold too! :(

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Celebrating Father's Day With A BANG

Why yes, those are BB guns. 
And why yes, Daddy bought Thomas one. 
And, why yes, Gracie talked her way into one to.

Happy Father's Day Garren.

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Tobias Meets Cassie

Cassie is a well-loved plastic rock-a-dino.  Well, at least I think she is a dinosaur. I scored her from a thrift store when Gracie was super little and we named her "Cassie" because Gracie liked the PBS show Dragon Tales and her favorite character was Cassie the shy pink dragon. Dinosaurs look a lot like dragons--right?!

Anyway, she has been beloved by not only my children but all visiting children! She sure has stood the test of time.

                           Gracie & "Cassie", June 2005        Thomas & "Cassie," December 2012

And, now it's Tobias' turn to love her.

He still can't sit up yet (at 6 months!!), but he loved rocking her while mommy held on to him. Looks like Cassie will be getting a lot more attention in the coming weeks and months.  It won't be long before "pony" makes his arrival and takes some of the pressure of her. He has been around since Mariah was small enough to ride on him!

 Emmy &  "Cassie",  October 2014

Rachael & "Cassie", November 2014

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Last Day Of 1st Grade

He's all done!

Officially a 2nd grader!

We do know that he will be reunited with not only his 1st grade teacher next year, but all of this years classmates as well. Mrs. Tapper is looping!

Half-Way To One

Officially 6 months old today!  
Talk about time moving too fast!

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

First Park Playdate Of The Summer

We still have one more day of 1st grade left (Gracie's last day of school is today because she was able to "test out" of one of her exams)--but why not spend an early release that isn't so horribly hot with friends at the park?!

Bryce & Emmy were a great help starting our afternoon together at our house so I could make Gracie's trip home a great memory. We then regrouped and headed to Pole Green Park. Despite the cloudy sky, it was quite humid, but tolerable.  The kids got gross sweaty, but they didn't seem to care.

Here's to many more play dates with best buddies!

 Oh my gosh! It just occurred to me they are going to be 2nd graders!  
Life just goes by too fast!!

Finish Line: 6th Grade!

I knew what a difficult year this was for Gracie, so I decided to literally make her a finish line to cross and celebrate her "survival"

Thomas, Bryce & Emmy all helped Gracie cross over after a very hard chapter of life.

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Happy Birthday Rebecca

Thank you for inviting us to your party!  Hooray for 7!!!

 These two cuties have been friends since 3 year old preschool days at Kitty's Kids. Sweet Rebecca has invited him to her parties since 2013!