Wednesday, June 22, 2016

First Night In A Crib

Guess what that mean mama and daddy did to me last night! They put me in a big 'o crib all by my lonesome! So what if I was too asleep to notice! I still feel the injustice!

My friend Grace lent me the bassinet along with several other baby items since I shipped all of my old baby stuff to Tennessee.

Well, her sister-in-law needed it for a few nights and Grace knew I had mentioned my chunk has outgrown just about everything she gave me including the baby wear carrier, bouncy seat, floor gym & baby swing.

As for the bassinet--his feet are touching the ends!  So, no better time to move him up to the big bed.

The kids and I worked Sunday to get the pieces out of the attic, and Garren and Thomas put it together. I had been given that beautiful bedding set (still in packaging!!), so I washed the items and it was ready to go last night. 

Like I said, he never even noticed. But, he was kind enough to cheese for some [pictures of the big occasion for me this morning.


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Candice said...

Awww! I'd snuggle that little guy! He's so happy!