Saturday, June 18, 2016

Tobias Meets Cassie

Cassie is a well-loved plastic rock-a-dino.  Well, at least I think she is a dinosaur. I scored her from a thrift store when Gracie was super little and we named her "Cassie" because Gracie liked the PBS show Dragon Tales and her favorite character was Cassie the shy pink dragon. Dinosaurs look a lot like dragons--right?!

Anyway, she has been beloved by not only my children but all visiting children! She sure has stood the test of time.

                           Gracie & "Cassie", June 2005        Thomas & "Cassie," December 2012

And, now it's Tobias' turn to love her.

He still can't sit up yet (at 6 months!!), but he loved rocking her while mommy held on to him. Looks like Cassie will be getting a lot more attention in the coming weeks and months.  It won't be long before "pony" makes his arrival and takes some of the pressure of her. He has been around since Mariah was small enough to ride on him!

 Emmy &  "Cassie",  October 2014

Rachael & "Cassie", November 2014

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Candice said...

I still feel horrible for donating all my baby stuff to The Hope Center! I would LOVE for you to have had it!!!!