Monday, July 18, 2016

6 Month Check Up, At 7 Months

Tobias did wonderful at his 6 month visit that we went today at age 7 months.

Listen people, I am happy that I am showered and he and I are both dressed and baby stain free!

So, anyway, my chunky remains in the 90-99th percentiles.  He was 22.3 pounds, and 28 inches long. He is super healthy and very well adjusted. His skills are on level or above level, and he passed some new eye test that they did with a laser looking machine and the lights off.  Neither of my other kids had to do that.  I heard something about catching "lazy eye."

He got three shots and one oral vaccine. He is human, so he scream cried, but seconds later he was fine and grinning at the doctor. I figure he probably didn't realize she did it, but he is also the happiest baby.

Oh, and he LOVED the fish in the waiting room.  All three of my kids have loved to watch fishes swim.  Could be a kid thing, could just be mine.  (And no, I am not buying them a fish tank!)

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