Sunday, July 31, 2016

Family Sunday In Church

This morning was an "experiment" in church. Well, I am sure it was a well thought out experiment for the church staff, but for the Shipley family, it was an experiment to see if all three kids could last through out the entire service.

Today was "family Sunday" at Shady Grove and they actually cancelled all kids Sunday School classes. They wanted families to experience the entire worship service together this time around. They gave out packets for parents to help their children along with the service and everyone was very forgiving as the audience got more and more restless.

Now, I have to say my three were awesome.  Yup, all three! Now, it took an unconventional approach--but it worked.

Tobias is too small to sit on the pew because he would find away to fall. There is not enough room in between the pews and he would surely bump his head and the floor is tile and not carpeted. He gets restless in my lap, and any other lap. So, the isle is carpeted, soft and away from hard objects. 

Yes, I did.  I planted my 7 month old down beside me close to the edge of our pew and in the church isle.  He sat quietly and played the ENTIRE sermon. I gave him several toys, a binky and a baby board book Bible.  He didn't make a peep! And, its just one Sunday. I don't think anyone minded and he wasn't really a distraction--not any more than the several kids who yelled, cried, or kept walking up and down the isle.

I would say it was a success for the church and the Shipleys!

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