Friday, July 01, 2016

Week 2 Of VBS

...this time at our church and with mommy teaching!

I am so exhausted! I have volunteered at Shady Grove's VBS before, but this is the first year I have been "lead teacher."  I could blog and blog, but like I said I am tired. So let me sum up.

 Our theme was Cave Quest and thanks to free left overs from MCC, I had a pretty epic room decorated for 15 1st graders.  Thomas was in my class along with several other familiar faces.  I actually didn't get all the first graders though--there were 2 classes of them. In fact, there were 300+ kids and 200+ adults and youth helpers at the church all week!  Our VBS is pretty epic!

Since I was "lead teaching" I was able to get a lot of pictures.  And, since I was teaching, and daddy was working, baby had to have his own VBS week!  That is too big of a deal to gloss over, so I'll give him his own blog post ;)

Before I leave you with tons of pictures--are you ready to be floored again?!!

MY Gracie was excited to volunteer as a youth helper. I knew she would be better in a class not with me so she could spread her wings. However I was not prepared for her to VOLUNTEER to be the puppeteer at our volunteer meeting!

MY Gracie stood at the front of the sanctuary each day hidden, but in front of 500+ people and spoke as the voice of Olivia the Owl.  Front of sanctuary!  Only her voice speaking! 500+ audience! 5 days!!

People, I don't know where this young lady has come from, but I am  both shocked and super proud!!


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Candice said...

Ahh! We did Cave Quest too, and those songs are still stuck in my head! VBS is so fun, yet so tiring. J and G are two peas in a pod! They like hiding behind something before a crowd. I know your Mommy heart smiled!