Monday, August 01, 2016

Baby's First Tooth

Clearly he wasn't listening to me this morning when I said he could SLOW DOWN any time now!

Nope, Tobias is running head-on into all the milestones and "firsts" he can this summer.

And now we have our first tooth!

Not that I should be all that surprised since he has been teething since 2 months!  Yes, the drool began at 8 weeks and the slimy run hasn't stopped since.

But, now he has a "toofer" to show for it!

(And yes, I had to make him this cute bib to show off his new tooth.  Hey, he is my last kid, and I am too crafty for my own good! Plus, the way I worded it, I can pull it out for each new tooth picture!)

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