Monday, August 08, 2016

Baby's Got A Brand New Pair Of Shoes

i.e his "first pair of shoes."

Daddy and baby and I enjoyed a nice, quiet dinner tonight as a temporary family of three, and we decide to cap off the evening by taking baby to Payless to get his first shoes.

Why yes, I did take pictures in the store--did it for Thomas too. We didn't have smart phones when Gracie was a baby, or I would have done it for her too! 

And yes, his first shoes are white "walkers" just like his brother and sister.  They are supposed to be first shoes. They are tradition!

 Thomas' first shoes, February 2010 (age 12 months)

 No smart phones = no in store picture. 
But hers came from Payless too. I found the earliest pic of her wearing them. 
--September 2004 (age 6 months)

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