Sunday, August 21, 2016

How Does Your Garden Grow?

Welcome back old friend.

This is one of my favorite toys ever gotten for the kids.  I remember spying it at a consignment shop in Lynchburg and falling in love instantly.  Being the "grandma," mom bought the garden for then baby Gracie!  She and Mariah played happily together in the toy until dad could deliver it to Strasburg (I had a compact car, and this is huge).

As much as Gracie loved her garden over the years, her brother loved it just as much. The onion, radish & carrot were chewed on even more and the purple envelope remained a favorite sucking toy.

And, now their baby brother is big enough to enjoy it as well.

Such a fun hand-me-down and a great investment in grandma's spoiling generosity!

 Gracie in her garden 2004

 Thomas in his garden 2009

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