Thursday, August 04, 2016

Maymont With Bryce & Emmy

You know I hate the heat (and typically the season of summer), but Grace wasn't going to let me get out of this trip. And, it was a reasonably not hot day. Not a cool day--but not sweltering either.

We met up with the Whitlocks this morning and Tobias got his first Maymont adventure.  It's been years since I pushed a stroller around that place--not that it isn't already a workout--but pushing a stroller, child and tons of cargo will make you sweat off some pounds!

I took my good camera, but I am disappointed in the pictures. I don't know if I was rushing, or if the lens wasn't super clean, or if the humidity was messing with it.  Regardless, the kids had a great time, and I got pictures whether great or blah.

We were only there for about 2 hours, but it was more than enough. All the kids were huffing by the time we hiked that last hill and the baby (who did no physical exertion what so ever!) was beyond sleepy.

It was a great day with friends, and we are looking forward to a few more Shipley/Whitlock fun days before school starts back.

I always have the kids do the "eagle/hawk" wing display thing and take a picture. With so many trips over the years I thought it would be fun to show how much the boys have grown! I'll have to make one of Gracie some time too. She was much, much smaller the first time she went!

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