Tuesday, August 09, 2016

Vintage Fun Tuesday

Oh the photography fun I got to have today!

Mrs. Jo let us come over to her house and use her antique toys as backgrounds for some pictures today! She knows how much I love vintage baby clothes and toys, so she thought that she had just the perfect rocking horse for Tobias to pose in!

And she did!

I took over 5 outfits and managed to squeeze him into 2 of them and got some great shots.

We are so lucky to have a friend like Mrs. Jo, and not just because she lets us use her house and makes us lunch including homemade chicken salad and mac n cheese!

 **outfit #2, and that is MY bunny from when I was a baby. The vintage pony and train are part of my collection that I brought over. That gorgeous all wooden rocking horse is Mrs. Jo's from before she had kids!**

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