Thursday, September 29, 2016

Back To School Night

There are always such great treasures awaiting us parents at Back to School Night.  And,  Mrs, Tapper did not disappoint this year!

When I arrived there was an "assignment" awaiting us parents. We had to glue together a puzzle that this kids had created. How cute!

In addition to the sweet puzzle about Thomas, I also got other "mommy goodies" to take home. Oh how I love this age when they can write what they are thinking!
1) nervous, new stuff, Mrs. Tapper, Second Grade, Recess
2) "I sucked on my thumb"

3) "Having a new bus driver," "Mrs. Tapper would look like a blue shirt and black pants and red shoes," "The best part of today was learning about math and lunch."

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Candice said...

How fun!