Wednesday, November 30, 2016

November Highlights

11.1.16 Baby's Recognizes His Own Name! 
             Picture from October 13th, but perfect illustration :)

11.1.16 Baby's Cruising Up A Storm 
            He started to cruise on October 24th, but now he really has the hang of it!

11.8.16 Presidential Election (baby's First)
            Trump wins over Clinton

11.15.16 Tooth #5 

11.16.16 Tobias Turns 11 Months

11.17.17 Thomas Cute Story
              This came home today and it was written about my "birthday" lunch at Chick Fil A this  past February 

11.18.16 Flu Shots (Thomas' first that he will remember)
              I had to document, because he was such a basket-case, I wanted to look back on this moment and smile, because it was definitely not all smiles this day!

11.21.16 Tooth #6

11.22.16 Baby's 1st Trip To Tennessee
             Longest trip traveled and first out of state trip. He finally got to meet family members: Uncle Luke, Aunt Megan, Candice, Elliott, Jolee and Aunt Sharon for the first time.

11.24.16  Baby's 1st Thanksgiving
             Baby LOVED all Thanksgiving foods and got his first taste of turkey, which he also loved.

11.26.16 Pre-Birthday Celebration
              Too close to his birthday not to celebrate a little early with all of these relatives who love him so. Mommy did a variation on his official 1st birthday theme and did Peter Rabbit. And yes, I made the banner for his high chair and his hat (which he refused to wear!)

11.28.16 Tooth #7

11.28.16 Lights At The Botanical Gardens
            Invited by the Greer family, we were asked to take some Christmas family photos for them, and then we got to enjoy the lights! Cold, but beautiful!