Saturday, December 31, 2016

December 2016 Highlights

 12.1.16 Baby's 1st Leaf Pile

Yes, I know it's December, but you have to take these moments when you can--even on December 1st! :)

12.3.16 CARITAS

It's the second year in a row daddy as taken the kids to go and help others as they stay at our church for the week, and it's the third year he himself has helped. What a great opportunity to be the church!

12.4.16 Baby's 1st Christmas Parade

We are always so thankful to the Whitlocks for letting us crash their front lawn and have a sideline view to the annual parade. And we were also thankful to Mother Nature for not giving us a bone-chiller this year! 

12.8.16 Gracie's Winter Concert

12.11.16 Baby's 1st Birthday Party

I could not have asked for a more perfect day!!  What an amazing celebration of our little miracle's first year of life.  So many friends and so many family. It was a perfect!

12.13.16 Thomas' 2nd Grade Performance

So proud of our big boy! He was the most adorable deer in his school's second grade performance. It was a story about what happens to Hansel & Gretle AFTER they get the witch's cottage. Too cute!

12.16.16 Happy 1st Birthday Baby Boy!

Lunch just mama and baby and he gets his first taste of milk from his first straw. Not sure which part he loved more!!!

 12.18.16 Christmas At Grandma's & Uncle Brian's

It was the 1st annual tradition at Brian's house. Mom decided to delegate Christmas to him after she has been hosting for decades. My kids, as always were plenty spoiled by Aunts, Uncles, Cousins and Grandparents!

12.23.16 Tobias Takes His First Step

Just like his first wave, Grandma got the first step too! But, at least he was nice enough to make sure I was there to see it.

12.20 & 21.16 Friends Visit On Christmas Break

Making gingerbread houses with Bryce and Emmy one day and playing with Rachael and Rebecca the next! Clearly our winter break is already shaping up to be awesome!

12.24.16 Christmas Eve 2016

Always my favorite part of the Christmas holiday!

12.25.16 Christmas Day 2016

The kids were truly spoiled, and despite my plan, daddy let them open the presents will-nilly instead of letting me turn present palooza that is done in 30 minutes to an all day affair. But, regardless, they were happy with all their new treasures and were able to FaceTime both sets of Grandparents.

12.27.16 Warm Day For Playing Outside 

The "winter people" hate days like this, but oh I would love and entire winter that was just like today. Not too hot, and not even cold enough to need jackets! A perfect post-Christmas day to spend with friends at the playground!!

12.29.16 Girls Day At The Movies

It's quickly becoming a tradition. This marks princess movie # for Gracie and I.  I actually enjoyed Moana. It was really good!

12.31.16 New Year's Eve Celebration Tradition

I love that we have continued this tradition for so many years now! Here's to another year of staying dear friends!

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