Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Baby Brother Show And Tell

When you love your baby brother so much he is your show and tell!

Love For Show And Tell

It was about this time last year that Thomas chose "Show & Tell" for his reward, and insisted that I bring in his new baby brother in to show all his classmates.

I guess he decided that his friend needed to see how much he had grown and wanted a chance to show his Tobias off again.

I know I have blogged about it before, but the love between these two is amazing to watch and is more precious beyond words. Thomas couldn't be a prouder big brother, and Tobias worships the ground his brother walks on!

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Curly Love

I don't care what daddy says, those curls are too too precious and I LOVE them!!!

Thin Mint Love

 I think it is safe to say he loved his first Thin Mint!

Youth Love

Look at my girl!

She is standing in front of the entire church performing!

I remember when she was 3 or 4 and thinking that she would never be brave enough to do something like this.

Her father and I are so proud of her.

We are proud she finally got brave and joined the Youth Group.

We are proud that she got really brave and decided to join the youth band.

We are over the moon that she was excited to stand and play for not one, but all three worship services this Youth Sunday!!

She has come so far in her short life, and God has big things still in store for her!

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Love In Bloom

This is the tree in our backyard. I have no idea what type of tree it is, but it isn't the prettiest in the world. In fact, most of the year it is pretty sad looking.  But, the one or two weeks it blooms it is breath taking!

Usually it will bloom in time for Easter pictures of the kids in front of it, but this year's unseasonably warm weather has forced it and all the other blooms to come much earlier than they planned.

That's okay. I will enjoy the fluffy pink for as long as it lasts.

Friday, February 24, 2017

Best Friend Love

These two boys have been best buds since they were 3, and they have celebrated each other years 4-8. Thomas already had his turn, and now it is time to celebrate Bryce.

Being the athletic friend, Bryce chose Peak Experiences, an indoor climbing place.

Bryce got to choose 3 friends to take with him, and I love that Thomas was one of them.

I also love that Grace knows how much I love pictures and sent them to me this afternoon and evening.

And, I love that I stayed at home--because if I had seen this in person I would have been the crazy mama yelling "you go up there and bring my baby back down!"

Now, Thomas isn't shy, but he isn't athletic at all, and moderately adventurous, so I am floored that he even attempted to do these things. a

And, now that my heart is back to making regular beats--I have to say I am super proud of him for trying.

He is already asking him when Daddy can take him again!

Happy Birthday Bryce! Thank you for bringing Thomas back in one piece!

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Shirtless Man

Thomas, why don't you have a shirt on?!

"Because I'm a man." 

(Mommy's bewildered stare)

"What, men do that!"

Embriodery Love

Garren "got me" embroidery downloads for my birthday, and the first thing I wanted to try out was monogramming.

Turns out it is a little harder on the computer side, but my tech savvy husband figured that part out so I could focus on the sewing side.

Monogramming will open up a whole new world for me personally and in my "business."

And of course this means my poor kids will find almost everything they own in their closets with beautiful initials on them!

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Kids Class Love

This is as close as I come to being a "teacher," but let me tell you this was a proud teach moment!

In addition to our 8 week lesson on Fruits Of The Spirit, I also had my kids learn and memorize the Lord's Prayer. We also learned in sign language as the older kids had already mastered the memorization.

Tonight they led the dinner prayer and showed how awesome they are.

Weather Channel Love

This kid.

He has been obsessed with storms for most of his life. He is terrified of bad weather and will worry himself into a frenzy at the mere mention of "thunderstorm."

I think I have tried everything. We have prayed with him, we have talked about what we would do during an emergency, how we predict weather & storms, what we can do to stay safe.

Nothing really works.

You'll find him like this most mornings before school and then after. He uses his TV time to turn it to the Weather Channel.

If you want to know the forecast at a glance for the Richmond area, just ask Thomas!

I figure, I'll stop trying to fight the fear and just let him watch.  Seems like the more he knows ahead of time the less panicked he is. Although, it sure doesn't cure the obsession, and in fact feeds it.

On the bright side, maybe he will grow up to be a Meteorologist! I have been a news producer for many great ones :)

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Vroom Vroom Love

How do boys instinctively know how to make the sounds of cars?!  No one taught him this, and it is too too cute to listen to!

Center Stage Love

That's my ham in the front!!  You can not deny that my boy is selling it!

Tobias and I loved a chance to see the first performance of the 2017 Talent Show at his school where he entire class did a performance to "Fight Song."

After the class performed, Mrs. Tapper walked up to me to proudly say how much Thomas was loving his chance at performing and how much they have all loved watching him really get in to it@

That's my boy! I (honestly) don't know where he gets it from being in a family of hermit crabs!!!

The kids will perform their talent show again tonight for parents and tomorrow for 3-5th graders. This morning's show was for the K-2nd graders at schools and us overzealous camera moms :)

**I probably don't have to point him out, but white hat between the two microphones**

Monday, February 20, 2017

3 Day Weekend Love

It's President's Day and I am sure that I should be something more meaningful or educational with my kids, but Tobias is still struggling with his stomach and daddy ended up going into the office for part of the day, so this is how day #3 of our weekend rounded out:

* Trimming box tops for school

* Assembling and figuring out how to use daddy's new toy (pressure washer)

* Pressure washing the grill
* Thawing chicken

* Playing outside with neighbor child

* Daddy comes home and he and kids pressure was everything they can get their hands on

* Grilling out

* Rushing Gracie to last minute called youth band practice

* Bed

Hey, it's no day for the history books, but it was our day off, and we used it the way we could--most of which was outside in the phenomenally warm weather!

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Love Bug

I sure do love this boy--but not the stomach bug that got my baby overnight.  Tobias is the first Shipley casualty to the Norovirus, and I am sure that the rest of us will fall soon.

In the meantime, he is feeling better and the sun is out and there is no reason not to soak up some much needed Vitamin C and kill off all the germs we can!

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Troll Love

Okay, we don't love "Trolls," but Cheyenne sure does. So, we shall love them with her, at least until we have a chance to see the movie.

Happy Birthday Cheyenne! We are so happy you invited us to share your big day, and we are super excited you got a 65 degree party outside in February!!

Friday, February 17, 2017

Baby (Oliver) Love

We had to get the rest of Cheyenne's birthday present today after school, so I loaded up the boys and we headed over to get it done.

Of course we had to go down the "girl" toy isle, and Tobias saw the baby dolls and went NUTS!

In the church nursery, Mrs. Verna was tickled to tell me that Tobias' favorite toys were two baby dolls. He carries them around everywhere and gets mad at her when she takes them to wash them off.

Fearing the worst with this one, I asked if he was poking their eyes out or pulling hair. She laughed and said "no, he likes to suck on their toes and fingers!"

That boy.

Well, he just had to have a baby doll, and I couldn't say "no."  Its not like he gets things all the time (I meant that seriously, the bigger kids are far more spoiled with things than he), so I bought the most gender neutral (to lessen the blow to daddy) and I named him Oliver.

Both kids wanted to know why "Oliver?" And I told them "because daddy said no to naming Tobias that."  The looks were priceless.  Gracie abruptly announces, "I don't think Oliver would have been a good name for Tobias. That's the name of a calm kid."

When you are right, you are right girl!

So, all afternoon Tobias has carried baby Oliver wherever he goes. I sent the picture to Mrs. Verna so she could see he finally got a baby to love (and suck on) of his own. She loved it.

Tapper Love

It's not just the 100th day of 2nd grade, it's also the 280th day of school with Mrs. Tapper. This boy sure does love his teacher, and his classmates--and getting 2 FULL years with both!

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Fabric Love

Okay, so maybe I have a problem...

But, it's not with organizing it!  Several hours well worth it!

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Birthday Love

On this, the beginning of my 39th year, this mama was blessed beyond measure by friends and family alike.

I made something just for me.

I got lunch with Jo & Grace along with Tobias, Emmy & Rachael.

I got to go to Goodwill where I scored several vintage toys!

I bought fabric.

 I was sung too by the entire church group attending Wednesday night dinner (pretty sure Jo blabbed!!)

I was sung too by my entire Wednesday night class before I started my lesson for the evening.

I didn't have to cook dinner (not that Cook Out was my favorite choice, but it was a quick drive thru meal for this very busy Wednesday!)

I got to eat ice cream cake that my parents left for me last weekend.

I ended the evening in my brand new pajamas I bought myself earlier this week.

That's a good day folks--thanks for the birthday love!

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Balloon Love

All three kids were covered in lots of Valentine's love today.

Gracie shared paper valentines and gifts with a few select school friends and was sure to give cards to all her teachers.

Thomas got a "not a party" at school today and swapped valentines with classmates.

Tobias got put in an adorable shirt and signed valentine's for his siblings.

And mommy got a picture of her loves.

But, the most exciting part of the day was the balloon.  All three kids got Valentine balloons and other treats from mommy & daddy--but Tobias loved his the most.

I think we could have watched him hang on, and walk, and love, and yank, and bop that balloon all night. Oh how he loved his frog. He smiled and giggled and beamed ear to ear!

Monday, February 13, 2017

Cake Love

When your day is so hectic that you didn't even get a chance to eat your cake or blow out your candles!!

You have it for desert the next night!

Anyone keeping up with the Thomas 8th Birthday festivities?  Here's a look at your program:

Wednesday 2.8.17:

Church members sing
Birthday crown and gift in Wednesday night class

Thursday 2.9.17:

Special Birthday shirt to wear to school made by mommy
Birthday lunch at school with mommy
Birthday treats for friends at school
After school ice cream snack with Cheyenne
Dinner at Stevie B's with best friend Bryce
Gifts and cards from family
Surprise (and unplanned) guests for dinner to include Pastor Jay & Mrs. Jo
Birthday texts from friends and family (10+!!)

Saturday 2.11.17:

Barnes & Noble gift card spend & free birthday treat
Toys R Us Coupon spent & free gifts!
Monster Jam with Daddy--present from Mamaw & Papaw

Sunday 2.12.17:

Birthday song sung in Sunday School
Lunch a Stevie B's with Grandma & Grandpa
Ice Cream truck treat
"Party" with gifts
Nerf war outside using new gifts

Monday 2.13.17:

Birthday cake, candle & song

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Nerf Love

I don't get what it is boys like.  And, I have to admit I find very little interest in any of the things my son goes crazy over--but  I love my son and I love to see him smile.

So, I guessed at a good 8th birthday party theme--and it looks like my Nerf "guess" ended up being a huge hit! Of course time with Grandma and Grandpa definitely boosted the smile factor!!