Friday, February 24, 2017

Best Friend Love

These two boys have been best buds since they were 3, and they have celebrated each other years 4-8. Thomas already had his turn, and now it is time to celebrate Bryce.

Being the athletic friend, Bryce chose Peak Experiences, an indoor climbing place.

Bryce got to choose 3 friends to take with him, and I love that Thomas was one of them.

I also love that Grace knows how much I love pictures and sent them to me this afternoon and evening.

And, I love that I stayed at home--because if I had seen this in person I would have been the crazy mama yelling "you go up there and bring my baby back down!"

Now, Thomas isn't shy, but he isn't athletic at all, and moderately adventurous, so I am floored that he even attempted to do these things. a

And, now that my heart is back to making regular beats--I have to say I am super proud of him for trying.

He is already asking him when Daddy can take him again!

Happy Birthday Bryce! Thank you for bringing Thomas back in one piece!

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Candice said...

True story...I would have been nervous for J too! We are helicopters. Hear us buzz...