Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Birthday Love

On this, the beginning of my 39th year, this mama was blessed beyond measure by friends and family alike.

I made something just for me.

I got lunch with Jo & Grace along with Tobias, Emmy & Rachael.

I got to go to Goodwill where I scored several vintage toys!

I bought fabric.

 I was sung too by the entire church group attending Wednesday night dinner (pretty sure Jo blabbed!!)

I was sung too by my entire Wednesday night class before I started my lesson for the evening.

I didn't have to cook dinner (not that Cook Out was my favorite choice, but it was a quick drive thru meal for this very busy Wednesday!)

I got to eat ice cream cake that my parents left for me last weekend.

I ended the evening in my brand new pajamas I bought myself earlier this week.

That's a good day folks--thanks for the birthday love!

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