Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Center Stage Love

That's my ham in the front!!  You can not deny that my boy is selling it!

Tobias and I loved a chance to see the first performance of the 2017 Talent Show at his school where he entire class did a performance to "Fight Song."

After the class performed, Mrs. Tapper walked up to me to proudly say how much Thomas was loving his chance at performing and how much they have all loved watching him really get in to it@

That's my boy! I (honestly) don't know where he gets it from being in a family of hermit crabs!!!

The kids will perform their talent show again tonight for parents and tomorrow for 3-5th graders. This morning's show was for the K-2nd graders at schools and us overzealous camera moms :)

**I probably don't have to point him out, but white hat between the two microphones**

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