Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Weather Channel Love

This kid.

He has been obsessed with storms for most of his life. He is terrified of bad weather and will worry himself into a frenzy at the mere mention of "thunderstorm."

I think I have tried everything. We have prayed with him, we have talked about what we would do during an emergency, how we predict weather & storms, what we can do to stay safe.

Nothing really works.

You'll find him like this most mornings before school and then after. He uses his TV time to turn it to the Weather Channel.

If you want to know the forecast at a glance for the Richmond area, just ask Thomas!

I figure, I'll stop trying to fight the fear and just let him watch.  Seems like the more he knows ahead of time the less panicked he is. Although, it sure doesn't cure the obsession, and in fact feeds it.

On the bright side, maybe he will grow up to be a Meteorologist! I have been a news producer for many great ones :)

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