Thursday, June 22, 2017


Joy 14: Bananas

Ok, they aren't my joy as I do not like bananas, but this boy--they are equivalent to ice cream for other kids. He can't get enough bananas, but mama limits him to 2 a day.   One, because he would in fact eat them all day, and two, because they help certain things move along quickly!

Joy 15: Watching Gracie Bloom

I was in shock last year when my shy Gracie raised her hand in the Bible School meeting when they were asking for a volunteer to do the puppet for the week.  My Gracie, in front of an entire church of kids talking?!! Even hidden, that is a HUGE step for her!  Of course since then she continues to amaze us by spreading her wings and she started going to youth group, she joined the youth band regularly performing at youth meetings and now she is even excited to play a duo at 2 church services this summer on her violin!  These are massively huge strides for our painfully shy girl--and we are super proud!

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